For me coaching means that two parties meet on eyelevel. I as coach am an expert for the management of the coaching process and for holding the space of the coachee; the coachee is an expert for his/her problem and world view. Hence it is important for me that I as coach do not offer the solutions but help the coachee with questions and mirroring to reflect upon the problem, the resources at hand, the obstacles and the possible ways to an own solution. The coachee himself is the expert in finding own solutions. I see the coachee as unique individual and hence have the following coaching attitude o Every human is unique. Hence every coachee is unique and has an own way of experiencing and seeing the world. o Everyone always chooses the best possible solution at any given moment; where ‘best solution’ for each individual can only be determined from his or her perspective on the given problem, resources, obstacles, and possible solutions. Hence I try to be non-judgmental and appreciate the reality of the coachee as his or her best solution. o Resistance is only possible if a proposed solution is not within perceived worldview of the coachee. o Change is only possible if the resistance is respected and can be integrated. Hence: “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” Albert Einstein o A coach is a mirror for the coachee to reflect the own worldview and to bring light to the dark spots and shadows we tend not to see. A coach helps the coachee to hold the space and integrate new resources and solutions. o As a coach, a big part of my work is to reflect back the coachees worldview. I cannot coach in areas where I am blind or biased.
Limits of coaching: As explained above coaching for me is a process-based work on eyelevel. In contrast, I see counseling as a goal oriented top-down approach. Here the counselor has an advantage in knowledge and / or experiences and is willing to share that with the client. As a counselor one may offer own solutions and share ways that worked or not worked in the respective own worldview of the counselor. Coaching for me also needs to be separated from therapeutic approaches, where the psychotherapist focusses on patterns and dynamics from the past. Therapy usually tries to solve a problem while coaching is oriented toward the future and solution based. Coaching is always happening here and now, only in the present moment the energy for change is available.