An important prerequisite for me as coach is to be able to build a trusting, empathic relationship with the coachee. Only than it is possible for the coachee to engage fully in the process.

Constellation of inner persons

The core idea is to externalize an image of the inner processes and inner persons involved in creating, stabilizing and resolving a given problem. The intuitive work uses cardboard anchors to represent the inner dynamics and inner persons of the coachee. During the process, the cardboards are rearranged according to the given coaching request. In some cases, I use a constellation including other structural elements according to the tetralemma work presented by Insa Sparrer and Mathias Varga von Kibéd.


Voice dialogue

Voice Dialogue according to Hal and Side Stone basically focusses on giving a voice to inner persons involved in a given conflict or problem and to hear and acknowledge their contributions. The aim of the work is to help the clients to integrate conflicting or contrasting inner parts more fully. Voice Dialogue is in same respects similar to techniques used in Gestalt therapy but focusses on exploring individual internal parts and integrating them in a full person rather than to resolve a problem from the past. I also like to use techniques from the Integral Theory presented by Ken Wilbur and Spiral Dynamics as outlined by Don Beck to help the coachee gain an orientation on their own view of the world.

How I work.

Besides silence, active listening, and divers question techniques I studied / am studying different approaches to enable meaningful relationships:

1 Dynamic Attachment Re-patterning experience after Diane Poole Heller. This approach defines three basic binding patterns based on early childhood experiences and proposes a listening based approach and character based communication process.

2 Non-violent communication by Marshall B. Rosenberg. This approach focus on I based language and a four step communication: observation, feelings, needs and requests.The overall goal is to reach empathic relationships as basis for change. Especially these techniques have some promising tools especially well-suited to address knowledge based scientist.